What exactly is Chrono-Stats?
Chrono-Stats is a log parsing program for Counter-Strike that will actually read through your server logs, and create fully functional statistic pages for everyone that plays in your server. We strive for customizability, so any look you want to give these cool stat pages, we have you covered..

How much does Chrono-Stats cost?
Absolutely nothing, Chrono-Stats is totally free and completely open source.

What does Chrono-Stats come with?
Chrono-Stats comes with the whole program, a handy installation script, a easy user friendly web interface program for totally configuring and tweaking the look, or performance of Chrono-Stats right through the comfort of your browser, and last but not least... It comes with two independent templates to keep your players from getting bored at looking at the same thing all the time. And you can get more templates here.

What platform was Chrono-Stats designed for??
Chrono-Stats was designed to work on any operating system/platform using no external libraries or modules.
It is all dependent on itself and is in no way platorm dependant.

What programs are required to run Chrono-Stats?
If you are running a Windows server, you will need ActivePerl which you can get from If you are running a Linux server, don't worry about it. You should already have everything you need.

I'm getting bored with the look of my stat page... Are more templates avaliable?
Absolutely, we know how important looks are for your stat page. Thats why we make templates, and give them for free. You can get extra templates here.

Where can I see an example of Chrono-Stats in action?
Quite a few places should be using Chrono-Stats by now, but the official sponsor of Chrono-Stats is at: - Ninjutsu Clan

Will Chrono-Stats keep adding new features and statistics with new releases?
Yes. We believe that there is no such thing as a finished program, therefore we will keep adding new features and statistics to the program as new versions are released.

If you have any other questions/help concerning Chrono-Stats at all, visit the forum and post your question there or e-mail Terrence or Brandon with your question and we will reply a.s.a.p.

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