What is Chrono-Stats?

Chrono-Stats is a very fast and efficient log parser for Half-Life:Counter-Strike.

What does it do?

It reads through server logs, and creates web pages for your Counter-Strike server that contain extensive information about your players, server, and much more.

Where can I see a demo?

You can check out a working version of Chrono-Stats here.

What are some features?

- Speed, works extremely fast.
- Accuracy, gets the job done, with incredible accuracy.
- Stability, works well every time, keeping stable and fast.

What kind of things are generated?

- Things such as kills, deaths, efficiency, and skill are calculated for each person who plays on your server.
- You can click a persons name on your stats to get in depth stats like how many server connections they have, how many kills and deaths with each weapon, and much much more.
- Global stastics are also generated, such as total terrorist players, total counter-terrorist players, total bombs planted and defused, and plenty more.

Why choose Chrono-Stats?

- Chrono-Stats is fast, easy to use, and totally free.
- You can download or make extra templates to make your stat pages look even better.
- The new addition of the Admin Panel makes tedious tasks such as updating stats, and changing all the configuration for Chrono-Stats a breeze, it's all done by the web now!
- Overall Chrono-Stats is great for any Counter-Strike admin. Give it a try!

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